Thursday, August 5, 2010

Pokemon Mythology, Part 1

My attempt at organizing the Legends of mythology in Pokemon. A work in progress, and I appreciate input.

In a time long past, a world fell to chaos, disorder, and destruction. The universe around it collapsed as the world was torn apart, but the remaining energies of the old world were drawn to a pure hearted being. They wrapped around him, shielding him from the collapse. When the being emerged, he was changed, he was powerful, he was Arceus. He emerged as a God. He grasped the turbulent, wild energies around him and willed them to be reordered, and to create a new world in place of the old. 

Arceus layed the eggs of his six children, the first ones, each to control one of the wild energies of the universe. To Dialga, the river of time. To Palkia, the expanse of space. To Azelf, the fires of courage. To Mesprit, the torrents of will. To Uxie, the pillars of knowledge. And to Giratina, the most violent of the six, the distortion in between was given.

From Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina came their sons, the Gods of the Earth. From Dialga came the raiser of the land, Groudon. From Palkia came the expander of the seas, Kyogre. From the outsider Giratina came Rayquaza, the guardian of the skies and watchful eye to the Gods of land and sea. With that, the Dragon Sons retreated from the Earth to slumber. The daughters of Dialga, the Celebi, and the sons of Palkia, the Deoxys, guarded their fathers’ domains as they slept.

Wise Giratina was, as soon Groudon and Kyogre fought over who would control the Earth. Rayquaza descended from the sky to quell the fighting between the two. The war was stopped and the Earth was at peace, and the Gods of the Earth slept.

As the Dragon Sons shaped the world, the Mind Daughters watched on. Azelf, Mesprit, and Uxie saw the expanses of land and sea, as barren as the nothingness they were shaped from. They discovered the Plates of Element left behind in the void by their father. With these, they created life.

The Mind Daughters called upon the energies of each of the 17 plates, plus their own powers. The Daughters created the Mew, the bringers of life, tasked to beautify the barren world. The Mew were given power of the 17 elements, and created life in all shapes and sizes. 

But there were already creatures upon the Earth. From the Distortion Realm came the children of Giratina, the Missingno, invaded the world while their father slept. The Mew fought valiantly, and drove the Distortion Children back to their world, though a few remain to this day.

While the world was shaped and beautified, Arceus traveled. Arceus visited other universes, and came upon a dying universe not unlike the one he had once known. Upon investigating though, he was injured and left unable to escape. He was encountered by humans, who despite the chaos around them, protected and nursed Arceus back to health. The Alpha Pokémon was touched by their kindness and as a repayment, shielded the humans from the destruction of their world and brought them to his own.

When the humans were introduced to Arceus’s world, he created the colossus Regigigas to watch over them. Uxie greeted the humans with the gift of knowledge, provided by her children, the Unown. Regigigas created the Golems Regirock, Regice, and Registeel to assist him in watching over the humans. As the humans began advancing and forming friendships with Pokemon, the Golems and the Colossus retreated to sleep, knowing the humans would be safe without them. 



  2. @ StaraptorEmpoleon- Thanks! I'll post a follow-up soon concerning the Unown, the Birds, the Beasts, and the Lunar duo as well.

  3. @paperfairy: I thought it for a long time, becuse there is too much conflicting legends, but coudn't prove it nor phrase it...
    Thank You!

  4. Wow, I really liked that you included Missingno in this Mythology.

  5. Missingno is always canon to me.

  6. Sweet~ It reminds me of plans I had for writting one of the (MANY) poke-religeons for my fanfics, but yours is a bit more sweet and a little less edgey than what I had planned.

    That said, you took a real risk in giving genders to all the legendaries. (Arceus knows how much people argue over all that... >__<)
    Adding Missingno was also a bit of a risky move, but personally I'm happy you put it in~ Gives me a nostalgic feeling~ (...Why are Missingno's always evil..? I caught one in my old Blue version and it never killed my game. What did kill my game was me tripping while in the bathroom and dropping it in the sink full of water... TT~TT)

    Also, as totally left field as it is, the almost Sci-Fi element of humans coming from another world is one that I have always loved so kudos to you on adding that~
    (And it makes sense... Humans have got to be the frailest things ON that planet; other than the legendary 'normal animals' we never get to see.)

  7. Pretty cool, I like it. I think its funny that humans are the ones from another world when the first game kept hinting at pokemon being aliens.

  8. You missed Shaymin, Cressalia and Darkrai. Though I like how you've formed the story so far.