Sunday, August 22, 2010

Pokemon: The Fight Club Theory

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Here is a new way to look at Pokémon Heart Gold and Soul Silver: You and your rival are one and the same.

Your character is a mild mannered, soft-spoken boy/girl trying to live their own life in New Bark Town after your father left when you were young. You live surrounded by Pokémon: strange, mysterious creatures you don’t fully trust or understand. They are everywhere, and they horrify you. They have powers that give you nightmares. And yet, you go along with it, because everyone expects you to. You have to like Pokémon, or you do not belong in this world.

One day, you are ordered by the hermit scientist Professor Elm to travel alone, on-foot to another anti-social PokéManiac in another town, with only one of those monsters for company. And then you cannot take any more. You break down, and your mind creates Silver. Silver steals Elm’s other Pokémon, and proceeds to rage through the Johto region. He abuses and hates his Pokémon, but uses to torture and tear apart everyone else’s. You continue on in the charade, claiming you love them, but Silver reflects how you truly feel.

Only when Silver learns to love and accept Pokémon do you truly learn to love them yourself. You are then, truly at peace. 


  1. It's an interesting theory, but how do you explain the interaction Silver has with NPCs that then speak to the Gold/Lyra/Kris like their different people? It's a clever theory to talk about in theory. But it doesn't hold up to the actual story of the game.

  2. Oh, this old theory again~ I remember back in the good old days of G/S/C my school friends used to be big fans of this one~

    That said, as a Gold/Silver fan, that leaves me feeling really weirded out...

    Still, I totally agree Silver is everything Gold wishes he could be and probably vice versa.

  3. This is the gayest thing I have ever read

  4. Wouldn't this apply to every contrasting pair in every work of fiction, ever?