Sunday, August 1, 2010

Mini-Rant: No Hat Hair in the Movies

The American motion picture industry is responsible for misrepresentation of many things, from a gross understatement of the power of explosions to portraying horses as emotionless automatons, and yet today I have stumbled onto something else that they misrepresent: no one ever has hat hair in the movies.'

I purchased a fedora yesterday at Wal-Mart, and after less than an hour of wearing it, my hair was as flat as an independent film’s protagonist’s personality. Why is Leo DiCaprio’s hair magically still fluffy and curly when he takes off his hat, and yet mine looks like I ironed my scalp?

So Hollywood, you’ve thrown us another falsehood. The reality is simply that we must choose between fluffy, shapely hair or a stylish hat atop our heads. We can’t have it both ways in the real world. Stop trying to convince us otherwise.

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